This episode of the Flex Diet Podcast is full of great information from Rick Alexander. He’s an author, speaker, and educator specializing in helping people and organizations understand themselves better so they can increase their performance, find meaning in their work and build a life in alignment with their goals. He’s also a former member of the naval special operations community and an ultra-endurance athlete. We talk about the nervous system from a lens of parasympathetic to sympathetic and how do you transition back and forth between those two. We also discuss why that’s important, and Rick gives us some great tools on how to downregulate more and transition faster.

Episode Notes

  • Rick’s background in the service and his work since leaving
  • Post-traumatic stress/growth discussion
  • What happens when you become good in high-stress situations and can’t regulate during low stress
  • Fear management
  • Understand how fear feels in the body
  • Tools to help with down-regulation
  • Breathwork
  • Other tips
  • Ways to become more sympathetic?
  • Nasal breathing

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