In today’s Flex Diet Podcast, my good buddy Dave Barr and I talk about his new arm training book, Massive Muscular Arms (link in episode notes). His book includes information about how to set up your training in a better fashion, aspects of the central nervous system, and how to get the best results.

Episode Notes

  • Intro to Dave’s book Massive Muscular Arms
  • 3 examples of personalization and finding what’s best for you
  • Examples of using different grips
  • Hypertrophy and building strength
  • Blood flow restriction (BFR)
  • Fundamental misunderstanding of strength training
  • How to get the intended benefit of eccentric overload
  • 3 different types of spatially accommodating resistance
  • Isokinetic movement
  • Nordic leg curl and flywheel training
  • Metabolic stress drivers
  • How much we don’t know
  • Internal focus of muscle contraction

Purchase Massive Muscular Arms.

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