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Jaymes Longstrom and I talk about everything from coaching to body composition and performance. We discuss the poster he presented at the ISSN conference and data from physique competitors who are looking to get super lean. While these athletes represent the extremes of the sport, there’s much we can learn from their practices.

Episode Notes

  • Intro to Jaymes
  • Challenges doing research
  • How extremes can inform the means
  • Case study presented at ISSN
  • Individual variation in where fat is lost
  • Refeed approach
  • Coaching an athlete through aggressive fat loss
  • Metabolic flexibility markers

Jaymes has coordinated a number of research studies and presented original data at national conferences under the supervision of Dr. Bill Campbell in the Performance and Physique Enhancement Laboratory. Jaymes is a competitive physique athlete who has also competed in powerlifting. Jaymes believes the value of research is in its practical application; each client will benefit from a scientific and uniquely individualized approach.

Find him on Instagram @jaymeslongstrom.

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