The Flex Diet Podcast is brought to you by the Flex Diet Certification. Go to for 8 interventions on nutrition and recovery. Enrollment is open now through midnight Monday, July 26th. If you are past the enrollment window, you can sign up for my free newsletter to be notified when the course reopens. Today, I’ve got a double episode. I’m giving a primer on HRV and how you can use it with the Flex Diet Certification. After, I have a short Q&A session I did with Dr. Lonnie Lowrey and his students about HRV.

Episode Notes

  • What is HRV?
  • Why measure HRV?
  • The golden rule of HRV
  • Top 3 body comp mistakes
  • How to use HRV to combat them
  • Q&A with Dr. Lowrey’s students
  • Different types of measurements
  • Oura ring
  • What causes HRV to tank

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